Setting Up the Available Memory

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CASA's default is to use 90% of the memory available. This should be a good setting for most users.

However, if this does not suit your needs, you can set the amount of memory that CASA will use, either in absolute or relative units.

To do so, create a '~/.casarc' file in your home directory (if you still have an '~/.aipsrc' in your home directory, it would be wise to remove it).

Within '~/.casarc' add the following variable:

system.resources.memory: <absolute_number>


system.resources.memfrac: <relative_number>

where <absolute_number> stands for the allocated memory in units of MB. e.g. for 16GB of memory the number would be 16000. <relative_number> stands for the percentage of memory that CASA can access, e.g. a value of 80 corresponds to 80% of the memory installed.

Now restart CASA.