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This page documents the plotSunDuringTrack function of Python module analysisUtils.

This function will plot the solar azimuth vs. elevation during a dataset, with points for the start and end of each scan, and with the first and final scan labeled. You can specify either the ms or the asdm. It reads the observatory name from the ExecBlock?.xml (ASDM) or the OBSERVATION table (ms). Returns the name of the plotfile.


au.plotSunDuringTrack(ms=", asdm=, plotfile=, figfiledir=)

You must give either an ms or an asdm. The plotfile argument can be: True, False, or a string name

ALMA example

CASA <2>: au.plotSunDuringTrack(asdm='uid___A002_X54d35d_X761',plotfile=True)
  Found  21  scans in Scan.xml
  Out[2]: 'uid___A002_X54d35d_X761.sun.png'

Uid A002 X54d35d X761.sun.png