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We have four test images right now:

  • v2.0_ds2_l000_13pca_map20.fits - this is a Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey FITS continuum image in Galactic coordinates. Use it to test FITS files and Galactic coordinates.
  • br1202_wide.image - this is ALMA science verification cube imaged over a wide enough bandwidth that CLEAN has created a per-plane beam. Use it to test per-plane beams and CASA cubes.
  • TWHydra_cont1.3mm.image - this is ALMA science verification data images as a continuum with a degenerate spectral axis. Use it to test continuum images.
  • TWHydra_CO3_2line.image - this is an ALMA science verification data cube. Use it to test CASA cubes.

Additional types in Darrell's original suite: Complex data type, model cube, measurement set. Also to be added: Full Stokes.

Test Procedure

Tests should be performed on both Linux and Mac OSX.


  • Trigger every GUI control item (button, combobox, checkbox, radiobutton, etc.) with possible user controls (mouse clicking, mouse dragging, keyboard entry) in arbitrary order. One expects no crashes or freezes.


  • Test that the viewer has the capabilities described in the User Manual, Cookbook, and other documentation.

Specific Tests

Advanced Windows

Spectral Browser

  • Open an image cube.
  • Open the spectral browser then create a region (try ellipse, point, square, poly)
  • Create a region then open the spectral browser. You should get a spectrum.
  • Close and open the browser.
  • Drag the region around. The spectrum should update.
  • Create several other regions. Check the the spectrum follows mouse focus.
  • Change the units on the top and bottom axes.
  • Change the units on the left axes. Check that these scale sanely.
  • Change the velocity type.
  • Change between median, mean, sum, flux density. Turn error on and off for the median and mean.
  • Click around window: in window, change units.
  • CRTL+right click to jump the channel in the browser. CTRL+right click+drag. Do this after changing units.

Juergen's Notes


test images

- cube, alma evla, fits, stokes, velocity frames, eq/glon: frequency, multi-stokes, projections, sky rotations --> automatic imview

pick 2 or 3 for manual tests.

go through display options with one raster one contour

separate ia tool, clean, import fits

check different OS

- maybe casaguides -> Juergen to send link in casaguides

-> adam: linux ALMA cube; juergen: mac os; EVLA polarization IQUV cube -> send also to Adam; skyview fits

come up with clicks.




george, patrick, mark, juergen,