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Data Description

Individual Lessons

Getting Oriented in CASA

We'll begin by getting you oriented in CASA.

  • Your first task and script
  • Orienting yourself with a new data set

Calibrating Data

Next we'll look at how we calibrate data.

Flagging Data

A large part of the human input to data reduction comes from identifying problematic data, which is usally removed from the data set in a process called "flagging."

  • Basic flagging
  • Basic data inspection

Manipulating Data

  • Splitting and averaging data
  • Manipulating the three columns
  • Combining several data sets


  • Demonstrating the effect of calibration - your first imaging example
  • Basic continuum imaging
  • Basic line imaging
  • UV continuum subtraction


  • Basic self-calibration
  • Averaging in self-calibration
  • Self-calibration tips and tricks


  • Derive image statistics
  • Make moment maps
  • Fit a gaussian
  • Inspection using the CASA viewer

More Resources