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Help on viewer task:

VIDEO: Joe McMullin has recorded a short video introducing the basics of viewer. The help file follows.

View an image or visibility data set:

        examples of usage:

        viewer ""
        viewer ""
        viewer "myrestorefile.rstr"
        viewer "", "contour"

        viewer "'' - 2 * ''", "lel"
        Keyword arguments:
        infile -- Name of file to visualize
                default: ''
                example: infile='ngc5921.image'
                If no infile is specified the Load Data window
                will appear for selecting data.
        displaytype -- (optional): method of rendering data
                visually (raster, contour, vector or marker).  
                You can also set this parameter to 'lel' and
                provide an lel expression for infile (advanced).
                default: 'raster'
                example: displaytype='contour'

        Note: there is no longer a filetype parameter; typing of
        data files is now done automatically.
                example:  viewer infile=''
                obsolete: viewer infile='', filetype='ms'