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== Getting Started CASA Guides ==
== Getting Started CASA Guides ==
* '''[Loading Data]'''
* '''[[Loading Data]]'''

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Before delving into data calibration, editing, etc., it is very important to understand the structure and contents of a measurement set (the format in which EVLA data are stored). These pages will guide the new user through loading and initial inspection of their data. Organization

Currently, these Guides include information on loading and inspecting EVLA data, as well as on the structure and organization of the measurement set (MS).

If you are using AIPS to reduce your EVLA data we refer to Appendix E of the AIPS cookbook.

Getting Started CASA Guides

  • Obtaining data from the archive
  • Starting CASA and importing the measurement set
  • Initial data flagging: online flags, zero flags, and shadow flags
  • Choosing to average data
  • Measurement Set Contents
  • Inspecting Data