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[[Category: Simulations]]
[[Category: Simulations]]

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Simulating Observations in CASA

Specifying Pointings

The pointings in a mosaic observation are specified in a text file (default name $project.ptg.txt). You can create this file yourself (setpointings=False), or simdata can tile a rectangular area on the sky and create the file for you (setpointings=True).

  • direction, mapsize, and pointingspacing, specify where you want to observe, and how to space the pointings of the mosaic.
  • maptype selects a square (regular raster) or hexagonal (alternate rows offset by 1/2 primary beam) tiling pattern
  • integration specifies how long to observe each pointing of the mosaic.

Naturally, you can run once with setpointings=True, obsmode="", edit the pointings file, and then run with setpointings=False, obsmode="int".