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== Help on plotms task: ==
A plotter/interactive flagger for visibility data.
            Task for plotting and interacting with visibility data.  A variety
        of axes choices (including data column) along with MS selection and
        averaging options are provided for data selection.  Flag extension
        parameters are also available for flagging operations in the plotter.
            All of the provided parameters can also be set using the GUI once
        the application has been launched.  Additional and more specific
        operations are available through the GUI and/or through the plotms
        tool (pm).
    Keyword arguments:
    vis -- input visibility dataset
          default: ''
    xaxis, yaxis -- what to plot on the two axes
                    default: '' (uses PlotMS defaults/current set).
      >>> xaxis, yaxis expandable parameters
        xdatacolumn, ydatacolumn -- which data column to use for data axes
                                    default: '' (uses PlotMS default/current
    selectdata -- data selection parameters flag
                  (see help par.selectdata for more detailed information)
                  default: False
      >>> selectdata expandable parameters
        field -- select using field ID(s) or field name(s)
                default: '' (all).
        spw -- select using spectral window/channels
              default: '' (all)
        timerange -- select using time range
                    default: '' (all).
        uvrange -- select using uvrange
                  default: '' (all).
        antenna -- select using antenna/baseline
                  default: '' (all).
        scan -- select using scan number
                default: '' (all).
        correlation -- select using correlations
                      default: '' (all).
        array -- select using (sub)-array range
                default: '' (all).
        msselect -- TaQL selection expression
                    default: '' (all).
    averagedata -- data averaing parameters flag
                  default: False.
      >>> averagedata expandable parameters
        avgchannel -- average over channel?  either blank for none, or a value
                      in channels.
                      default: '' (none).
        avgtime -- average over time?  either blank for none, or a value in
                  default: '' (none).
        avgscan -- average over scans?  only valid if time averaging is turned
                  default: False.
        avgfield -- average over fields?  only valid if time averaging is
                    turned on.
                    default: False.
        avgbaseline -- average over all baselines?  mutually exclusive with
                      default: False.
        avgantenna -- average by per-antenna?  mutually exclusive with
                      default: False.
        avgspw -- average over all spectral windows?
                  default: False.
    extendflag -- have flagging extend to other data points?
                  default: False.
      >>> extendflag expandable parameters
        extcorrelation -- extend flags based on correlation?  blank = none.
                          default: ''.
        extchannel -- extend flags based on channel?
                      default: False.
        extspw -- extend flags based on spw?
                  default: False.
        extantenna -- extend flags based on antenna?  should be either blank,
                      'all' for all baselines, or an antenna-based value.
                      default: ''.
        exttime -- extend flags based on time (within scans)?
                  default: False.
        extscans -- extend flags based on scans?  only valid if time extension
                    is turned on.
                    default: False.
        extfield -- extend flags based on field?  only valid if time extension
                    is turned on.
                    default: False.
    plotxycomp -- use plotxy compliance parameters?  WARNING: if used,
                  subparameters will override their corresponding plotms
                  parameter values.
                  default: False.
      >>> plotxycomp expandable parameters
        datacolumn -- maps to xdatacolumn and ydatacolumn.
                      default: 'data'.
        timebin -- maps to avgtime.
                  default: '0'.
        crossscans -- maps to avgscan.
                      default: False.
        crossbls -- maps to avgbaseline.
                    default: False.
        width -- maps to avgchannel and/or avgspw.  'all' is ignored, 'allspw'
                sets avgspw to true, any other value is set for avgchannel.
                default: '1'.
        extendcorr -- maps to extcorrelation.  'half' is mapped to 'poln-dep'.
                      default: ''.
        extendchan -- maps to extchannel.  '' means False, 'all' means True.
                      default: ''.
        extendspw -- maps to extspw.  '' means False, 'all' means True.
                    default: ''.
        extendant -- maps to extantenna.  '' means False, 'all' means True.
                    default: ''.
        extendtime -- maps to exttime and/or extscans and/or extfield.  ''
                      means False for all, 'all' means True for exttime, 'scan'
                      means True for exttime and extscans, 'field' means True
                      for exttime and extfield.
                      default: ''.

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