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<source lang="python">
au.plotPWV(ms='', figfile='', help=True)
au.plotPWV('', figfile='')
au.plotPWV('', figfile='')

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This page documents the plotPWV function of Python module analysisUtils.

If the ASDM_CALWVR table is present in your ms, this function will extract the PWV values from each ALMA antenna's WVR and create a plot vs. time. If you do not have the ASDM_CALWVR table, but you do have the ASDM, you can instead use plotPWVFromASDM

Help on function plotPWV in module analysisUtils:

plotPWV(ms, figfile='', plotrange=[0, 0, 0, 0], clip=True)
    Read and plot the PWV values from the ms via the ASDM_CALWVR table.
    Different antennas are shown in different colored points.
    ms:  the measurement set
    plotrange: the ranges for the X and Y axes (default=[0,0,0,0] which is autorange)
    clip:  default=True,  True=do not plot outliers beyond 5*MAD from the median.
    figfile: True, False, or a string
             If figfile is not a string, the file created will be <ms>.pwv.png.


au.plotPWV('', figfile='')