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Help on listobs task:

List data set summary in the logger

       Lists following properties of a measurement set:
       scan list, field list, spectral window list with
       correlators, antenna locations, ms table information.

       Keyword arguments:
       vis -- Name of input visibility file
               default: none. example: vis=''
       verbose -- level of detail
             verbose=True: (default); scan and antenna lists
             verbose=False: less information

      Additional comments:  The simplest way to obtain a hard copy
      of the output is: 1) Open a file in your favorite editor;
      2) Cut relevant portion of message log.  You may have to use
      cntr-O to store the text; 3) Paste text in the editor window.

      You can also copy the ascii text from the end of the casapy.log
      file in the working directory.