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Hints, Tips, and Tricks

To manipulate your data in CASA, it will have to be in measurement set format. But how do you get it into a measurement set?

For EVLA Data

Please see a complete description in the Loading Data CASA Guide.

For Historical VLA Data

Download the data from the archive as you normally would (note that the format has not changed!), selecting the naming style that is most convenient ("Original Style", "AIPS Friendly", or "User Specify"). Wait for the email to arrive from the archive saying your data has been copied, and download it into your working directory. Now fire up CASA.

You will use the CASA task importvla to import these historical data:

Importvla Parameters.

Set archivefiles to the name(s) of the files you just downloaded, and set vis to the name of the measurement set you'd like to produce (make sure you add a ".ms" to the end of the name!). Type go, check the logger output periodically, and you should end up with a nice measurement set as output.

For CARMA and SMA Data

Your data should be imported in FITS format using importuvfits. Check out these tutorials (SMA, CARMA) for more specifics.


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