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{{Getting Started Intro}}
[[Category: CASA Basics]]
* [[Renaming a Field]]
* [[Creating lists of files for task input: using glob]]
* [[Waiting for read-lock on file]]
* [[Diverging deconvolution results in 'csclean' and 'mosaic' modes]]
* [http://aips2.nrao.edu/docs/notes/223/223.html Lattice Expression Language (LEL) as used, e.g. in ''immath'']
* [http://casa.nrao.edu/Memos/229.html Definition of a Measurement Set]
* [http://casa.nrao.edu/Memos/240.html Definition of a Calibration Table]
Also check out the step-by-step tutorials on this wiki!
[[VLA Tutorials | ↵ '''VLA Tutorials''']] 
[[CARMA Tutorials | &#8629; '''CARMA Tutorials''']] <br>
[[Main Page | &#8629; '''CASAguides''']] <br>

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