Einstein-Face (CASA 3.2)

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Simulations using non-science images: the face of Einstein Simdata can be used to simulate any digitized image. In this example, we use the face of Albert Einstein.

Step 1: obtain your image. Typically from the internet.


In this case, it is a jpg file.

Step 2: Convert your image to FITS

Various software programs have conversion to FITS enabled. The (GIMP) was used in this case. A handy list of FITS conversion programs is maintained by GSFC here

For the GIMP, start up the software

>gimp &

and in the main window select "Open" from the "File" menu.

The image will open up in a new window, you can use the GIMP to modify the image (adjust contrast, colormap etc).

Then, select "Save as" from the "File" menu in the window containing the image, and hit "Select File Type" in the dialog box to bring up the file type options, and select "Flexible Image Transport System". Pick a name for your file ending in .fits

Gimp save.jpg