Create a Component List for Selfcal

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If you want to selfcal on one or more point sources with known position (or a more complicated shapes such Gaussians), you may create your own model component list. To do so, you can use the tools like this:

# for a point source with no spectral index
cl.addcomponent(flux=0.39, fluxunit='Jy',shape='point', dir='J2000 19h33m09s 15d01m20s')

# for a Gaussian with a spectral index
cl.addcomponent(flux=1.25, fluxunit='mJy', polarization='Stokes',
dir='J2000 19h30m00s 15d00m00s', shape='gaussian', majoraxis='10arcsec',
minoraxis='6arcsec', positionangle='0deg', freq='1.25GHz',
spectrumtype='spectral index', index=-0.8)
###you can add more components if you wish by calling addcomponent repeatedly with different params

##save it to disk

## write the model into the MODEL_DATA column of your data ('myms')
ft(vis='myms', complist='')

Then proceed with the gaincal as in normal selfcal routines.