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CASA User-contributed Tasks

CASA Contributed Tasks: Overview --- Learn how to use contributed CASA tasks

How to write your own CASA task

  • Analysis Utilities (python module) --- A Python module containing utilities for analysis and plotting, including:
    • Plotbandpass --- a faster version of plotcal for bandpass tables, with useful overlay capabilities
    • Spectralindex --- performs a least-squares fit to the multi-spw output from fluxscale
    • TimeOnSource --- compute the total time spent integrating on-source for each specified field
  • findsources --- This CASA task will find sources from VIZIER catalogs to place outlier fields on them for clean
  • listsdm --- A CASA task to list the contents of the SDM archive files
  • stitch --- A CASA task that replaces some channels of a spectral with those of a second spectral window. This is useful, e.g., to remove the 128MHz "suckout" frequency ranges and replace them with channels from a slightly frequency-shifted second baseband
  • makeschedule --- A CASA Task to create complete schedules for JVLA observations that can be imported as a scan lists into the OPT, including initial setup, observations of flux and banpass calibrators, pointing scans, and phase calibrators.

CASA User-contributed Scripts

  • plotWX --- Plot the weather conditions and calculate the opacity for each spectral window (EVLA)