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Stand-alone executable for CASA PlotMS.

Available arguments:
* -h or --help
     Prints this message then exits.
* vis=[ms]
     Path to MS used for initial plot.
* xaxis=[axis], yaxis=[axis]
     Axes for initial plot (see documentation).
* field=[val], spw=[val], timerange=[val], uvrange=[val], antenna=[val], scan=[val], corr=[val], array=[val], msselect=[val]
     MS Selection parameters for initial plot.
* avgchannel[=val], avgtime[=val], avgscan, avgfield, avgbaseline, avgantenna, avgspw
     MS Averaging parameters for initial plot.
* -p or --pixels
     Use pixels instead of symbols for initial plot.
* -c or --cachedimagesizetoscreenresolution
     Toggles setting the cached image size to screen resolution.
* -ll=[lvl] or --loglevel=[lvl]
     Sets the plotter's log level to the given (see documentation).
* -ld or --logdebug
     Turns on/off logging debug messages.