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CASA Error Messages and what they mean

WARN	listobs::utils::verify	Argument vis failed to verify.
WARN	listobs::utils::verify	Some arguments failed to verify!

Tasks where it may appear: any

Explanation: The input file for the vis parameter is either misspelled or the file does not exist in the current directory

Solution: Correct the filename spelling

SEVERE Calibrater::solve Caught exception: ArrayBase::validateConformance shape [2] differs from [1]
SEVERE Exception Reported: Error in Calibrater::solve.
SEVERE uvcontsub::::casa Error in uvcontsub: Error in Calibrater::solve.

Tasks where it may appear: anywhere

Explanation: In the C++ code, a mathematical operation of two arrays is falling over because one has a different shape (e.g. number of dimensions) than the other.

Solution: ???

SyntaxError: non-keyword arg after keyword arg (<ipython console>, line 1)

Tasks where it may appear: any

Explanation: A comma is in an argument of a parameter. Python then interprets that as a new parameter, since the comma is the separation between the parameter inputs.

Solution: Add quotes around the argument that contains the comma.

SEVERE  ImageRegion::fromRecord
SEVERE  image::moments  Exception Reported: 2012-03-01 04:29:04 SEVERE  ImageRegion::fromRecord
SEVERE  ImageRegion::fromRecord
SEVERE  ImageRegion::fromRecord

Tasks where it may appear: immoments

Explanation: ??

Solution: ??