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This is a collection of CASA tasks to help process and analyze EVLA data. Although they are not officially supported, some authors may choose to provide contact information.

Since they are CASA tasks, you will need to run the buildmytasks application prior to importing into CASA. See Appendix G of the CASA Cookbook for a description of this process. Note that as a result of posting these files to a Wiki, the names have been changed so that the first letter is capitalized. You will need to change this to lowercase prior to running buildmytasks. Once imported, they are called like any other tasks, and will include help information within CASA.

If you would like to contribute, and do not have access to the CASA Guides WIKI, you may email Miriam Krauss (mkrauss at

listsdm: a 'listobs'-style information tool for SDM files

Download task files:, listsdm.xml

findsources: use the online Vizier catalogs to find sources for outlier-field imaging

Download task files:, findsources.xml