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Applying Pipeline Continuum Subtraction

Starting in Cycle 5, ALMA pipeline-calibrated data will be delivered with a calibration table which describes the continuum subtraction the pipeline did. This CASA Guide describes how to apply this pipeline-determined continuum subtraction. The main benefit of using this pre-determined subtractionis that it will save time compared to repeating the hif_uvcontfit() and hif_uvcontsub() steps as described in XYZPQ. If you wish to revise the continuum subtraction you should instead use the steps described in IWIDJ.

This is a draft page describing how PI's can make use of the UVCONT table that is delivered with their data to uv subtract the data, saving time over doing the uvcont fitting themselves.

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casa --pipeline
os.system('ls -ltr')


Restore the pipeline calibration as described [[1][here]]. Do not modify the cont.dat file! if you do, the procedure described here will not work as intended.


Unpack the auxilliary calibration tables, which contain a description of the continuum subtraction.

cd ../../calibration/
gunzip -c (one auxcaltable) | tar xvf -

There will be one such table for each execution; repeat the above steps for each.


Copy the auxilliary calibration tables into the working directory, and go back to the working directory:

cp *uvcontfit*uvcont.tbl ../calibrated/working

While here, take a look at the files called *auxcalapply*txt. These contain the applycal() statements you with which, with minor modifications, you will apply the uv continuum subtraction (as a calibration). You will use these in the following step. The contents will look something like this:

applycal(vis='/lustre/naasc/sciops/comm/amcnicho/pipeline/root/2013.1.00722.S_2017_09_13T14_30_33.955/SOUS_uid___A001_X145_X134/GOUS_uid___A001_X145_X135/MOUS_uid___A001_X145_X136/working/', field='', intent='', spw='17,19,21,23', antenna='0~35', gaintable='/lustre/naasc/sciops/comm/amcnicho/pipeline/root/2013.1.00722.S_2017_09_13T14_30_33.955/SOUS_uid___A001_X145_X134/GOUS_uid___A001_X145_X135/MOUS_uid___A001_X145_X136/working/', gainfield='', spwmap=[], interp='', calwt=False)

Finally, go back to the working directory

cd ../calibrated/working