ALMA Cycle 4 Imaging Pipeline Reprocessing

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About This Guide

This guide describes a few options for perfecting the imaging products from the ALMA Cycle 4 Pipeline. After Section #Restore Pipeline Calibration and Prepare for Re-imaging, each reprocessing option is self-contained.

Note that the scripts described in this guide have only been tested in Linux.

Getting and Starting CASA

If you do not already have CASA installed on your machine, you will have to download and install it.

Download and installation instructions are available here:

CASA 4.7.0 or later is required to reprocess ALMA Cycle 4 data using the scripts in this guide.

NOTE: To use pipeline tasks, you must start CASA with

casa --pipeline

Restore Pipeline Calibration and Prepare for Re-imaging (all Options)

STEP 1: Follow instructions in your README for restoring pipeline calibrated data using the NOTE: the SPACESAVING parameter cannot be larger than 1

STEP 2: Change to directory that contains the calibrated data (i.e. *.ms) called "calibrated/working" after the pipeline restore and start CASA 4.7.0 or later.

casa --pipeline

STEP 3: Run the following command in CASA to copy the pipeline file that contains the frequency ranges used to create the continuum images and the continuum subtraction to the directory you will be working in.

os.system('cp ../../calibration/uid*cont.dat ./cont.dat')

Restore Pipeline Continuum Subtraction and Manually Make Image Products

Restore Pipeline Continuum Subtraction and Make Pipeline Aggregate Continuum Image With All Channels

Revise the cont.dat Before Pipeline Continuum Subtraction and Remake Pipeline Images

Restore Pipeline Continuum Subtraction for Subset of SPWs and Fields and Use Channel Binning for Cubes