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  • Guides for reducing ALMA Science Verification data using CASA 4.3
    • The links below lead to overview pages for each science verification observation. The guides themselves are linked from the overview pages. These guides are a useful tools for those who would like to learn the process of calibration and imaging in detail.
    • TWHydraBand7: The protoplanetary disk source TW Hya at Band 7 (0.87 mm)
    • NGC3256Band3: The galaxy merger NGC 3256 at Band 3 (3 mm)
    • AntennaeBand7: Mosaic of the galaxy merger NGC 4038/4039 (Antennae) at Band 7 (0.87 mm)
    • IRAS16293Band9: Mosaic of the protostellar cluster IRAS16293-2422 at Band 9 (0.45 mm)
    • File:BR1202 SV Band7 Calibration notes.pdf: Supplemental notes on the calibration of Science Verification target BR1202-0725 in CASA 3.3
    • ALMA2014_LBC_SVDATA: Imaging scripts and details for the 2014 ALMA Long Baseline Campaign science verification data for Juno, Mira, HL Tau, and SDP.81.

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